Buzz Aldrin filed an expenses claim for $33.31 after flying to the Moon

Like most people having to undertake a long journey for work, Buzz Aldrin was asked to file an expenses claim when he returned to the office.

Except his 1969 trip was slightly out of the ordinary: he travelled from Houston to Cape Kennedy before flying into space, becoming the second man - behind his colleague Neil Armstrong - to set foot on the Moon, then returned home via the Pacific Ocean and Hawaii.

The 85-year-old former astronaut recently shared a copy of the $33.31 expenses form he filed after returning to Earth as well as the official travel voucher and customs form he needed for bringing back a pieces of lunar rock and lunar dust.

Because many people have asked - yes, the #Apollo11 crew also had to sign customs forms when we returned from the moon...

Posted by Buzz Aldrin on Sunday, 2 August 2015
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