Climate Change Driving Extreme Weather Disasters Around the World

With increasingly extreme weather occurring all over the world, scientists are urging lawmakers and corporations to do something about climate change or else it could turn disastrous.

And a resurfaced video from the World's Economic Forum shows just how devastating the consequences of climate change could be in 100 years if nothing is done.

According to the video, by 2023 Arctic ice caps could melt rising sea levels by 20 cm (7.8 in), 60 per cent of coral reefs would be highly endangered, and 100 million people would be in extreme poverty due to dwindling crops.

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The two-minute long video takes viewers through the next several decades showing how humans would become sicker and poorer - ultimately making the planet unlivable.

"Today 'business as usual' is making our planet unlivable," the on-screen text of the video reads.

This is Earth in the next 100 years if we don't act on climate change | Ways to Change the

Terrifyingly, much of the extreme weather mentioned in the video is already happening around the world.

Massive storm surges from large hurricanes, more uncontrollable wildfires, and flooding are all affected parts of the world rapidly.

"By making the transition to a nature-positive economy, we could generate 395 million jobs, one-fifth of the predicted labour-force increase," the video says.

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