How you can help the people of Pakistan

How you can help the people of Pakistan
Pakistan victims walk for hours due to dilapidated infrastructure

Severe flooding has devastated Pakistan resulting in hundreds of deaths.

Nearly a third of the country is essentially underwater with more than 33 million people being displaced as homes and towns continue to face catastrophic flooding.

The floods are a result of a particularly intense monsoon season combined with climate change. The country has had five times the average rainfall since June and struggling to repair infrastructure.

An estimated one million homes have been destroyed or damage.

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The country is also facing a food shortage because the flood have damaged agriculture and farming.

“More than 100 bridges and some 3,000 km of roads have been damaged or destroyed, nearly 800,000 farm animals have perished, and two million acres of crops and orchards have been hit,” the United Nations World Food Program said.

The UN is set to launch a $161 appeal for people in districts in Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces but more is needed to help the scale of the disaster.

Here are some ways you can help.

Donate to UNICEF

UNICEF is accepting donations to provide safe drinking water, medical supplies, and vaccinations to Pakistanis in need.

"We're asking the entire world to respond to this catastrophic climate event," Abdullah A. Fadil, the UNICEF Representative in Pakistan said.

Donate to Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan's Emergency Appeal

Alkhidmat is one of Pakistan's leading nonprofit organizations dedicated to humanitarian services. They recently started a Pakistan Flood Emergency Appeal to get displaced citizens food, shelter, and medical attention.

Donate to International Medical Corps

The IMC provide medical assistance and sanitation on the ground to people in Pakistan by partnering with the Department of Health in Khyber, Pakhtunkhwa, and Sindh.

"Given contamination of water systems by floodwaters and lack of access to clean drinking water, authorities expect water-borne diseases, respiratory tract infections, skin infections and malaria to rise," a press release from the organization reads.

Donate to the World Food Programme

WFP is providing cooked and non-cooked food to the 33 million Pakistanis facing shortages due to the floods.

Donate to Edhi Foundation

Edhi Foundation is a nonprofit social welfare organization based in Pakistan. They are currently accepting donations to help on-the-ground assistance continue giving out cooked food, dry ration packs, tarpaulin sheets, medical aid and other non-food essential items.

Donate to Indus Hospital & Health Network

The Indus Hospital & Health Network provides free medical care to millions of people across Pakistan.

Since the floods began, they have asked people to donate to provide high plastic shoes, sanitary pads, plastic tents, water bottles, and more to people.

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