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An unfortunate Indonesian man has suffered the seemingly unlikely injury of a cracked penis while having sex with his wife.

The 50-year-old was checked into a hospital, claiming that his penis had been swollen for four hours.

Upon examination, it was revealed that his member had turned purple due to the swelling and that the penis had skewered towards the right, as if to create a question mark-like shape.

According to details documented in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports (be warned there are very graphic pictures of said penis in that link), the man has a rare condition called 'eggplant deformity' which can affect a person's manhood.

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International Journal of Surgery Case Reports

The study notes that during intercourse the man felt a "crack" causing him to lose his erection and cause urethral bleeding. He also lost the ability to ejaculate.

If that wasn't enough, doctors also discovered a hematoma, otherwise known as a blood clot, that ran all the way from the tip of his penis to his scrotum. He also had a ruptured urethra which is likely to have impeded the urine flow.

Eggplant deformity is when the penis breaks due to blunt trauma during sex, which often happens when the penis slips out of the vagina and collides with the other person's genitalia. If untreated it can lead to deformity and impotence.

To save the poor fellow's penis the doctors had to operate by first cutting open the penis and fixing the damaged urethra and penis tissue. The blood clot was then drained and he was fitted with an 'artificial erection' for an erectile exam.

International Journal of Surgery Case Reports

Luckily for him, he passed the test and did have any further problems like fluid leakage or a continued bend in his penis. He was discharged after five days in hospital but had to urinate through a catheter for 21 more days.

After four months, despite his penis still being a bit wonky the man could ejaculate again and "interact sexually with his wife without experiencing any discomfort."

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