These are the world's most horrific desktops

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Sunday 30 July 2017 13:15
Science and Tech
Picture:(left: @JasperiW/Twitter screenshot, right: @lily_lxndr/Twitter screenshot)

The horror of the cluttered desktop.

Some people don't treat their machines with respect.

You monsters.

Twitter users have been horrifying one another for over a week now by sharing screenshots of desktops that enrage the anally retentive.


Please, my eyes.

Now we can't look away, so indy100 found some other offenders from the annals of time.

Most of those files are named things like:




We'd bet cash.

In order to give you some light with all this eternal blackness, here's the best desktop arrangement we've ever seen.

Also in a happy ending to this story, Twitterer @JasperiW has since reformed his habits.

There is a hope for the rest of them.

HT Mail Online, the Poke

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