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Elon Musk has officially changed his job title from Chief Executive Officer to ‘Technoking of Tesla’.

Documents filed today show that Chief Financial Officer Zach Kirkhorn is also in tow for a title change, requesting to be referred to as Master of Coin.

No rhyme or reason has been provided for the change - we will likely never know if the pair are riding high off the victory of becoming 600 per cent richer during a pandemic or just really, really stoned.

Much of the internet seems to want to physically crawl out of its skin following the announcement, but that hasn’t stopped tech fanboys from lauding this as a win for the memelords.

Musk holds a firm place in their hearts given his flirtation with dogecoin and consistently questionable tweets.

Unlike 4/20-gate, this announcement didn’t make Tesla’s stocks sink. In fact, it seems to have done the opposite.

Some have remarked on how 1990s the move feels - the novelty of the dotcom boom had tech workers walking around with all sorts of names on their business cards. One Twitter user fondly remembered being called Senior Titleholder during their time at Yahoo! at its peak.

We don’t get it either.

This comes after news that the company have invested $1.5 billion in bitcoin with the promise of being able to use it in exchange for Tesla’s products.

He’s just not like other CEO’s, you guys. He’s a cool CEO.

Some of the hilarious Twitter feedback spanned comparisons to everything from Donald Trump to Game of Thrones.

Other people are just too tired for this right now.

Does this make Grimes Technoqueen? Only time will tell.

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