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Elon Musk shares blurry meme of ‘brainwashed’ person - but there’s one small problem

Elon Musk shares blurry meme of ‘brainwashed’ person - but there’s one small problem

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Twitter and Tesla owner Elon Musk is continuing to embarrass himself on the social media platform he’s now in charge of, by tweeting a cringeworthy, blurry meme mocking “brainwashed” individuals.

Insisting he’s “not brainwashed”, the image shows a stick figure emblazoned with the icons of CNN, Islam and the LGBTQ+ progress flag, wearing a green face mask with several needles in their body.

“They brainwashed you,” a speech bubble above it reads, while another figure with a ‘Chad’ face and American flag asks, “really?”

Awkward, but even more so when you spot the Twitter logo on the “brainwashed” person’s right leg.

“Why does the person on the left have your company’s logo on them,” asked one.

Another noted: “Love how Twitter is on this haha.”

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“This meme says Twitter is bad,” replied a third.

The bizarre tweet on Wednesday comes as shares in Tesla plummeted the day before, with stock in the electric vehicle company dropping by more than eight per cent to $113 by midday – a 52-week low.

CNBC noted reports that Tesla would be reducing production at its Shanghai factory next month, suggesting that might be partly responsible for the dip, but we imagine Musk’s continued focus on Twitter hasn’t exactly impressed shareholders.

Dan Ives, Wall Street tech analyst and Wedbush Securities managing director, said last week that the businessman is viewed as being “asleep at the wheel” in terms of leading Tesla.

Instead, Mr Ives wrote, Musk is focusing on Twitter which is “an ongoing nightmare that never ends for investors”.

Oh, Musk’s current management of the popular social media platform is hellish for us too, Dan.

Nevertheless, the entrepreneur doesn’t seem all that fussed by all the concern around stock prices or inappropriate memes. After one Axios reporter warned on CNBC’s Squawk Box that Musk’s “reputation is in danger”, the company owner replied by saying “the legacy media should worry about its reputation” instead.

“We have only just begun,” he added.

Elsewhere, when one Twitter user responded to his “brainwashed” meme to claim he has “the impulse control of a toddler” and “paid the most ever to be the biggest internet troll”, Musk simply clapped back by saying they have “tiny testicles”.

Yes, really.

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