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Every single person in Europe is a descendant of one man

Every single person in Europe is a descendant of one man
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Sister Sledge was right, we are family.

It's well-known that all humans share a common ancestor but according to researchers almost all Europeans can trace that back to one guy.

That guy is Charlemagne, the first Holy Roman Emperor.

In 2013, scientists Peter Ralph and Graham Cooper published a study indicating that all Europeans are descendants from the same people, mainly from the ninth century.

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Charlemagne, who lived during the 800s allegedly produced eighteen children with seven different women.

By number standards, this means that people of European decent are most likely related to Charlemagne in some way.

Celebrities like Bill Hader and Brooke Shields have revealed that they share the common ancestor. Even Sir Christopher Lee is a descendant of the Holy Roman Emperor.

And if you're European, you probably are too.

According to Scientific American, "because Charlemagne lived before the isopoint and has living descendants, everyone with European ancestry is directly descended from him."

Some Europeans who take a DNA tests can see even their lineage directly traced back to the common ancestor. But before you jump at the chance to see for yourself, more than likely it won't pop up- even if you are a descendant of the Roman Emperor.

This is because bloodlines have been diluted and not all genes are passed on from parent to child. So while you may be vaguely related to Charlemagne, you may not carry any of the same genes.

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