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Ethan Klein is using his Twitter to destroy Elon Musk's policies

Ethan Klein is using his Twitter to destroy Elon Musk's policies
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Less than a day after getting his Twitter account reinstated, YouTube star Ethan Klein has been using his Twitter account to absolutely rip apart Elon Musk’s policies.

Klein was banned from the social media platform in November for impersonation and since getting it back, almost immediately used it to roast Musk, who is (for now) Twitter’s controversial owner.

The first post that Klein shared was of a live audience who had been there for a live podcast. He recorded a video of the crowd cheering, while Klein shouted: “F*ck Elon Musk. F*ck you Elon Musk, you suck.”

Fans were pleased to see Klein back on the platform, with one describing it as a “Christmas miracle”.

Klein then took a swipe at Musk’s claim that he is pro-free speech by pointing out that his parody rule is essentially hindering free speech.

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Klein had his account locked again after impersonating Musk and tweeting: “Tesla has just been informed by the NHTSA that our cars pose an ‘imminent threat’ to all drivers & are demanding an immediate recall of all vehicles w auto pilot. We are going to fight this to the end, but I’m being forced to announce the immediate recall of our entire fleet. 1/2

“Cont 2/2. @jordanbpeterson is a d**k riding p**s baby.”

Klein claims his account was then locked and he was presented with the rules, which said parody accounts “erode the meaning of the [verified] badge”, and suggested how he could regain access to his account.

He tweeted a screengrab of the message from Twitter and wrote, “free speech is annihilated”.

One person in the comments wrote: “I'm not even a fan of Ethan but it's clear he didn't break the rules. He followed the parody policy and is being targeted due to who he is parodying.

“The so called ‘arbiter of free speech’. This app is more a joke now than before.

Someone else argued: “‘Erode the meaning of the badge.’ I’m pretty sure Elon did that when he turned it into a money grab.”

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