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A gamer who was commentating on a live stream on Twitch was struck by lightning in a freak accident on Monday.

Jaime Bickford who goes by the user name of 'Karma' was commentating on a game of Rocket League when she yelled out in pain and was clearly in some discomfort for a number of minutes. Although there is no footage of her being struck by the lightning you can hear the incident here.

Thankfully she suffered no serious injuries but she did later post a video explaining what had happened. Apparently the area where she lived had been experiencing thunderstorms and her neighbours house was struck by lightning which somehow travelled into her house and into her controller, causing it to spark and give her minor burns to her hands.

The house next door to me got struck by lightning. The lightning must’ve hit there and gone through, there’s like a metal thing—you guys can’t see what I’m talking about—but there’s a metal thing that goes down the house, and it must’ve gone down the house and somehow hit me. Not hit me, but it went into my controller, and the controller like sparked and burnt my hand.

She also posted a picture of her controller on Instagram, showing that part of it had been melted due to the lightning bolt.

She also clarified what had happened on Twitter and despite the burns her hands were fine but that the had to pull out of a tournament that was due to be held that night.

Just goes to show that even being inside doesn't always protect you from the elements.

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