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Finding your doppelgänger in a museum is very cool.

It's also a formula for virality, based on the perception it's quite unlikely you'll find one.

Well, not anymore - thanks to the Google Arts & Culture app.

All you have to do to also find your portrait clone is download the app and take a selfie in the experiment tab of the program.

Google will then find your matches.

People have been using the app to find their museum doppelgängers.

The tool neatly ties into #MuseumSelfieDay:

Sadly, this feature is an experiment only available in the United States - so we cannot show you our matches, much to our disappointment.

However, Google says on the app page:

Stay tuned as we try to improve and expand this experiment.

Fingers crossed, rest of the world!

There are some critics of the tool, however, citing how facial recognition technology is currently used by states such as China in surveillance.

Awra Mahdawi wrote in a column for the Guardian:

The app may be good fun, but it is also fundamentally frightening: Google’s latest experiment, you see, says less about art than it does the burgeoning science of facial recognition technology.

While Google’s museum doppelgangers aren’t exactly 100% accurate, facial recognition technology has become increasingly sophisticated over the past few years and is fast becoming a pervasive part of our lives. 


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