What If We Nuked an Asteroid?

Recently released documents reveal that former government agency The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) had proposed tunnel a hole in the moon using nukes and dedicated a study to the feasibility of invisibility cloaks.

The AATIP was founded in 2007 and funded by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) to study UFOs and other unexplained aerial phenomena. The existence of the program was made public in 2017 but the program was dissolved entirely in 2012.

Between studying UFOs the program also proposed out-of-the-box ideas on advanced technology in space as revealed in the documents uploaded to Motherboard by the DIA and reported on by Vice.

Some of the ideas included studies on wormholes, nuclear use in deep space missions, manipulation of extra dimensions, and more.

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Arguably the most intriguing ideas pertain to the AATIP's theory and experimentation of invisibility cloaks and the proposal to use thermonuclear technology to blow a hole in the moon in order to reach the center.

According to the invisibility cloak theory and experiment document, scientists theorized that cloaking devices could be made from liquid crystals and function more with "rigid shells" than flexible cloth-like materials.

The conclusion was made that "perfect cloaking devices are impossible because they require materials where the speed of light approaches infinity" but "imperfect cloaking devices could be made."

It's nice to know somebody was looking into the realistic nature of Harry Potter.

The strange theories and ideas proposed by the AATIP raise questions about why the program was using taxpayer dollars to theorize ideas kept secret.

But that doesn't minimize the interesting topics covered in the documents.

Scientists also proposed the idea there is a "non-baryonic cold dark matter" well at the center of the moon and it could be obtained by making a tunnel through the moon, in a document about negative mass.

Obtaining the mass "could revolutionize interstellar space flight" but it would also require thermonuclear explosions set off on the surface of the moon.

Ultimately it seems the ideas, while fun, are not feasible.

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