Spotify acquires popular music trivia game Heardle
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Music lovers are in uproar after playing today's Heardle game due to a glitch not allowing them to select the correct answer.

Heardle is a daily music game that asks players to guess what song is playing based on the first few seconds. Like other Wordle games, Heardle allows players to share their statistics and track how well they've done over the course of their time playing.

In July this year, the app was acquired by music-streaming platform Spotify which previously upset players after they believed it caused them to lose their historical data.

(Spoilers ahead for today's Heardle answer!)

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Though for today's song (September 22), many were able to identify the song as Nirvana's 1991 song "Come as You Are," however when they entered this answer, players were told they were incorrect.

After inputting the song five times, players were informed the song was Nirvana's "Come as You Are," but the remastered version which sounds pretty identical to the original and that was not available as an option for players to choose, meaning many may have lost their streak.

So safe to say they are pretty annoyed with the game and expressed this anger on Twitter at Spotify.

However, it appears that Spotify has fixed the issue which now allows players to select the remastered version as an option as people have been sharing that they correctly guessed the song with one second.

While it's no consolation for those who have already played today's Heardle, at least the issue has been fixed for other players and something like this can hopefully be avoided in future.

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