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Here's what to do in the event of a zombie outbreak

Here's what to do in the event of a zombie outbreak

Want to stay alive when the zombies attack?

Physicists at Cornell University have modelled what would happen if an outbreak took hold in the US, and they recommend running for the hills – or the Rockies, a mountain range in North America.

As Alex Alemi, a graduate student involved in the research, explains there would be fewer people in sparsely populated areas to satisfy the zombies' lust for human flesh.

"Given the dynamics of the disease, once the zombies invade more sparsely populated areas, the whole outbreak slows down--there are fewer humans to bite, so you start creating zombies at a slower rate," he says. "I'd love to see a fictional account where most of New York City falls in a day, but upstate New York has a month or so to prepare."

This might not be the last advice you hear about a zombie attack from Alemi. With time, he has said they may add more "complicated social dynamics" to the model including plane flights and allowing people to make a run for it.

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