Have you ever wished you could talk to your cat? You’re in luck! As a species, we’re at least another step (or paw) closer to having a chance to chat with our felines.

According to research from the Universities of Portsmouth and Sussex, there seems to be a way to establish communication for your furry feline friend, and it doesn’t even require meowing.

Published in the journalScientific Reports, the Portsmouth and Sussex study found that cats are significantly more receptive to humans who mimic feline-like facial expressions by narrowing their eyes, otherwise known as “the slow blink sequence.”

This sequence is described as involving “a series of half-blinks followed by either a prolonged eye narrow or an eye closure.”

In the first experiment of the study, cats were much more likely to half-blink and eye-narrow in response to their owners’ “slow blink sequence,” implying they had participated in some sort of discourse with one another.

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In the second analysis, during which a neutral researcher (not the owner) provided the “slow blink sequence,” the cats preferred to approach the human only after they completed the sequence.

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The cats were also less likely to approach humans with neutral expressions.

Thus, the results “suggest that slow blink sequences may function as a form of positive emotional communication between cats and humans,” per the study.

BRB, going to blink at my cats for the next few days.

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