Instagram users are being warned not to post pictures with their pets as it puts them at risk of fraud.

Research conducted by the bank Santander has found that following “celebrities” and their propensity for oversharing is putting “impressionable young followers” at risk.

Santander UK and OnePoll surveyed 2,000 British adults who use Instagram, and found that nearly 90 per cent of people under the age of 25 said they post personal information, including their age or pet’s name on social media.

Additionally, one in ten people under the age of 25 have shared the name of a pet on Instagram and used that name as a password.

In the same poll, it was found that more than a quarter of Instagram accounts followed by the age group belongs to celebrities, and a third of 18 to 24 year old said they used a celeb Instagram post as inspiration for their own.

The bank revealed that it had uncovered “a selection of celebrities who are guilty of oversharing on Instagram”.

Zoe Sugg is one of many celebrities to share lots of information about her pet dog

Kylie Jenner’s dogs Norman and Bambi

Priyanka Chopra's dog, Diana

As well as "celebrity" dog accounts

Chris Ainsley, head of fraud strategy at Santander released a press statement in which he said that oversharing could make people targets of criminals.

Make sure you get the balance right and don’t give fraudsters an easy ride. Check your privacy settings are on, stay vigilant and consider what you’re giving away before hitting post.


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