33 of the funniest memes and jokes about the internet going down for major sites
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At around 11 am on 8th June a huge internetoutage occurred affecting major news, social media, commerce and even government websites.

The UK government website was down as well as Amazon and Reddit. News sites such as the BBC, CNN, New York Times, Independent, Vice were also down as well as PayPal, Etsy Twitch and HBO Max. Pictures were failing to load as well.

The issue appears to have been a result of a problem as Fastly, a cloud-based computing service that provides services to many of these aforementioned websites.

A s you can imagine scenes on Twitter resembled something from a zombie apocalypse with pandemonium running wild and people asking ‘what do we do now?’

Of course, in a time of crisis, the internet loves nothing more than a good meme which is basically a coping method now, isn’t it?

Some websites even had to resort to publishing their news on a Google Doc.

Even Ceefax has a brief resurrection.

Our thoughts with whoever is in charge at Fastly today.

Needless to say, this was quite a few hours on the internet.

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