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Two iPhone hacks everyone should know

Two iPhone hacks everyone should know
Viral TikTok shows ‘secret button’ hidden in back of iPhone

Millions of people have iPhones, but there could be some useful tools you're unaware of that can make life just a little easier.

So TikToker Katarina Mogus (@katamogz) has given some nifty tips and tricks on some iPhone hacks you should know about that can improve your day-to-day, The Sunreported.

Here are some of the signature hacks (pardon the pun) that you should know about:

Scanning documents on iPhone

When it comes to scanning a document, converting a paper version into a digital one can be a bit of a faff - but that is where the iPhone's hidden feature comes in and eradicates this problem, making signing documents a much more efficient process.

All you need is the built-in document scanner, and also the ability to save your own signature.


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Firstly, you begin by opening the Notes app on your iPhone and then select create a new note.

At the bottom of the note, there should be a bar of different symbols - click on the plus one which should show a number of different options where one of them at the top should say "Scan Documents."

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Once you select this, your camera will open where you should take a photo of the signature you want to be scanned, to help select the correct area the corners of the document can be adjusted with colour editing - colour, black and white or greyscale.

Then when you're satisfied with the options you have chosen - take the snap.

Your iPhone can then convert the photo of the signature into a document that looks like it's fresh out of the photocopier and to keep this, you simply save the note it was created in.

Adding a signature to documents on iPhone

So you want the ease of adding a signature into a document, what's next?

Start by opening up the scanned document you want to be signed.

Get to the document editor and in the bottom left there should be a plus symbol to select.

Next click the Signature button option which enables you to squiggle your signature with your finger to add to your PDF document.

If it needs adjusting, there are settings to move it around or alter its size according to your needs.

Two pretty neat tricks to remember whenever you need to sign for anything online.

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