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This secret keyboard trick is the iPhone hack you need in your life

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If you ever struggle with your keyboard on your phone, you're not alone.

There's a reason (other than letting people know you can afford an iPhone) that the "Sent from my iPhone" line appears at the end of messages on the device - it's easy to typo.

If you've got a relatively new iPhone, we have a small hack for you to make typing just a little bit easier:

It's a little hidden cursor.

While typing, if you press and hold your finger on the keyboard until it disappears, you can bring up a cursor.

You can then move the cursor around like a mouse on a trackpad, to drop the cursor you simply lift your finger from the screen - even in the middle of words.


The feature came about as part of iOS 9, as a feature available on iPhone and iPad..

You can watch a brief video tutorial below:


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