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When Apple first announced their new flagship device boss Tim Cook called it the “future of the smartphone”.

He added it’s the biggest “leap forward” since the beginning of the iconic iPhone.

Fans queued for hours to get their hands on the £999 device.

But it has been reported by a number of users that the redesigned phone is hurting them.

Owners report the phone is pulling their hair out “several times a day” because of the design of the new silent mode switch and bezel gap.

The issue unfolded when user kdawg89 asked on Reddit:

Does anyone else have a problem with their phone pulling their hair? Mine pulls my hair several times a day while it’s held up to my head.

It’s really starting to p**s me off.

I called Apple and they will do a replacement on it but I am just curious if mine is a fluke or if it is a design issue.

Another user, brianArdor, replied saying the phone pulls out their hair every time they place a call. They asked:

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