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Mobile phone addiction is a very bad thing but nearly everyone in the 21 century is guilty of it.

Constantly checking Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp is a fundamental part of everyday life now.

But Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey doesn't even own a laptop.

At a Twitter press breakfast in Sydney, Australia on Friday, the 41-year-old revealed that he, in fact, conducts all of his business on his smartphone.

When he was asked about online security practices and how he uses his phone, Dorsey said:

I don't have a laptop, no, I do everything on my phone.

It was important to me because I turn off my notifications, and for me, it's one application at a time.

So I just have one app up, and I can really focus on what's in front of me instead of everything coming at me as I would a laptop.

Dorsey does have a point as most high-end phones these days can do things that most laptops can't, so why would you need both?

He also explained that he uses dictation and voice apps to conduct messages thus avoiding those tiny and inconvenient keyboards.

Twitter meetings also sound like interesting get-togethers as all laptops and phones are closed or off in order to make that time more meaningful for everyone involved.

When we're having meetings, phones down, laptops closed so we can actually focus and not just spend an hour together but make that time meaningful — and if that time is 15 minutes, then it's 15 minutes, we move on with our lives.

If we have our phones open, if we have our laptops open, and all these things are coming up, we just get distracted.

So, there you go. Phones are worthwhile spending all your time on (as long as you've got a good battery) but make sure to find time for the other people in your life.

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