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Meanwhile, GamerGate activists are still sending women death threats

Games developer Brianna Wu has had 44 death threats in the last five months. Why? As she puts it in a piece for Bustle it is because she - alongside Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian, two other high-profile women in tech - is a target of GamerGate.

The movement, which sprang-up in Summer 2014, purports to be a popular revolt in favour of ethics in video games journalism but many say it is actually about the mass harassment of women who challenge male dominance in video games.

In her piece, titled ‘my name is Brianna Wu and I’m risking my life’, Wu details how she has filed a restraining order against a man who made a video holding up a knife and explained how he would murder her “Assassin’s Creed Style.” He apparently crashed his car while driving to her house.

After the crash, he sent me a deranged video that Jezebel called “bizarre” and “terrifying.” Sam Biddle of Gawker said that if this happened to him, he’d be “locked in a closet rocking back and forth.” For me, it’s just another Tuesday. My capacity to feel fear has worn out, as if it’s a muscle that can do no more.

She's not the only prominent women targeted by Gamergate who has received threats. Sarkeesian, who Wu mentions in her piece, has been targeted by bomb threats and forced to leave her home due to rape and death threats after criticising misogyny in video games. Last year she described GamerGate as “women being harassed and threatened and terrorised".

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