What Gamergate is really about

What Gamergate is really about

Comedian Stephen Colbert gave his own unique perspective on the Gamergate scandal as he welcomed feminist video games critic Anita Sarkeesian on his show last night.

The movement purports to be a popular revolt in favour of ethics in video games journalism - but many say it is actually about the mass harassment of women who challenge male dominance in video games.

"Gamergaters say they've been harassed too especially once the media saw what they were saying to these women. Gamers have complained about anti-gamer, anti-nerd bullying, for following their traditional gamer lifestyle. Yes, there's a traditional gamer lifestyle", Colbert joked.

Sarkeesian, who has been targeted by bomb threats and forced to leave her home due to rape and death threats after criticising misogyny in video games, said of Gamergate "what it is is women being harassed and threatened and terrorised".

"I think women are perceived as threatening because we are asking for games to be more inclusive. We are asking for games to acknowledge that we exist and that we love games... They're lashing out because we're challenging the status quo of gaming as a male-dominated space."

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