Elvis Presley got erection filming 'Girls! Girls! Girls!' — and it wasn't ...

Men who get erections in the morning are less likely to die from heart disease or strokes, according to a new study,

Scientists asked around 1,800 middle-aged and older men in Belgium how often they got erections in the morning and it was found that those who got them regularly were approximately 22 percent less likely to die from the illnesses.

The researchers, who published their findings in the journal Age and Ageing, said night-time erections are a sign of good circulation.

Dr Leen Antonio, lead researcher and assistant professor of endocrinology at Belgium's Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, said: “Erectile dysfunction and poor morning erections are associated with increased mortality."

“Loss of morning erections are a sign your arteries are not functioning properly," added Dr Geoff Hackett, the ex-president of the British Society for Sexual Medicine, in an interview with The Sun.

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“That means you are at significant risk of a heart attack or stroke within three to five years. This applies to celibate, single men — not just those who have a partner.”

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