Google's most popular searches reveal the most common secrets we're all hiding

We've known for years that search data can reveal our innermost thoughts and prejudices.

A video by AsapSCIENCE has tackled the topics we most often search for and the differences between declared identities and hidden secrets.

For example; searches for "sexless marriage" on Google are far higher than "unhappy marriage," which could either be a statement of priorities in a relationship or could be a sign that people are happy in their marriages aside from their sex lives.

Another startling realisation is that men Google about their penises more than any other body part, including major organs.

In fact, men search about their penises 70 times more than their partners.

Another is that the ratio of gay porn search prevalence to the declared homosexual population in a state is higher in states with poor LGBT rights and same-sex marriage support, than in other states.

Worryingly the search data suggests that these rights and public support play a crucial part in whether LGBT people come out.

Watch the full video, below:

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