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YouTuber sparks fury after destroying the highly in demand PlayStation 5 and XBOX Series X

YouTuber sparks fury after destroying the highly in demand PlayStation 5 and XBOX Series X

A YouTuber has ignited the anger of viewers after destroying a brand new PlayStation 5 and an XBOX Series X two of the most sort after items from this Christmas period.

The channel, which is Captain Crunch Experiments has been active on YouTube since September 2019 and has received more than 13 million mostly shares videos of various items, mostly toys being crushed in an industrial shredder.

In the past few months, the so-called Captain Crunch has attracted quite a few viewers for daring to destroy the brand new PlayStation 5 and XBOX Series X consoles, two of the most powerful consoles ever made. 

The two consoles have been selling out fast whenever they’ve been in stock and retail at around £450. Needless to say, they are quite hard to get a hold of leaving many gamers frustrated at not being able to get their hands on either device.

However, Captain Crunch has different ideas and rather than playing the newest games instead decided to destroy both consoles, including the controllers and the boxes in his shredder. Both videos have been viewed thousands of times with the PS5 video raking up more than 400,000 views alone.

Both clips are in the video below. Feel free to watch - if you can bare it.

As you can imagine, the videos haven’t exactly gone down well. Many of the comments are along the lines of ‘Imagine this was the guy in front of you who got the last one in stock’ and ‘some men just want to watch the world burn.’ Another added, ‘Someone else could have been using that PS5 and playing with it, instead of just shredding it to waste...’

According to Captain Crunch these videos are experiments. The description for the PlayStation 5 video reads, “In this video I'm shredding and destroying the all-new Sony Playstation 5, the ps5 controller, the power cables, books and also shredding the boxes it comes in. So you can see what's inside a PlayStation 5. Play more outside, less inside on your computer. Dangerous Crash and crushing Tests, do not try these by yourself EXPERIMENTS!”

To each their own. There is nothing illegal about this and although there might be some moral complexity to these type of videos, they are hardly a unique cases.

This isn’t a particularly new phenomenon as there are many profiles on social media dedicated to testing the limits of these types of industrial tools. Whether you want to see things being blended or crushed under a hydraulic press, all the content is there, if that’s your sort of thing. 

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