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People are turning to salmon to spice up their sex lives

People are turning to salmon to spice up their sex lives
Salmon fishing in Scotland threatened by rising sea temperatures
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Beauty clinics are offering a unique tweakment that involves salmon sperm to improve sex drives.

Salmon sperm is already available as an anti-ageing treatment. The nucleotide within it is said to revive dead skin cells and aid cell turnover.

It's already proven popular in the K beauty world where it is commonly injected in the face, and has since made its way into the States where it's currently only approved for topical use. Even Jennifer Aniston has tried a salmon sperm facial – later confessing she didn't find it that effective.

But now, £400 injections are being offered that are delivered to the vagina.

Aesthetic nurse Amanda Azzopardi, who runs clinics in London, Liverpool and North Wales claims it can achieve similar rejuvenating effects in the vagina.

"A lot of older women come to me and say they are not having any kind of sexual arousal anymore," she told MailOnline.

"So, we do the 'O shot' and they're reporting stronger and more frequent orgasms increased natural lubrication, greater sexual arousal."

Azzopardi said results can be seen after two to four sessions, calling it "absolutely life-changing" for mature clients.

"Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) [a libido booster] is great if you're 20 years old, because you've got all those fibroblasts, you've got the collagen, you've got the elastin, and your thyroid or your hormones," she said.

"But if you're older, if you are in your 40s, 50s or 60s your healthy cells are dying off.

"So it's much better to use something that is, you know, pre-manufactured, it's very safe along with other other treatments.

"It's great for mature skin to improve cellular ageing, and enhance hydration," she added.

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