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Expert explains how AI will help humans 'live on' after death by 2050

Expert explains how AI will help humans 'live on' after death by 2050
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A computer expert has explained how people will be able to ‘live on’ after death by 2050 thanks to powerful AI technology.

Speaking to the Mail Dr Ajaz Ali, head of business and computing at Ravensbourne University, claimed that in the future humans may be able to upload a ‘digital twin’ of themselves that will capture their looks and personality.

The ‘twin’ will be captured from the living person using recordings, analysis of their digital footprint and things like motion capture and images of them.

He said: "By linking AI with digital technologies and motion capture tools, our conscious, knowledge and experiences will be transferred to our digital twins."

He added: “Using NLP based tools which will be way more advanced than ChatGPT and Bard, people will be able to interact with these digital twins in real time and benefit from their knowledge and ideas."

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"Loved ones could carry on interacting with their relatives who have already died but exist in a digital twin form."

Pretty cool.

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