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If the current political crisis wasn’t enough to tickle your fancy, then a new app – described by its creator as an “interactive social experiment and gallery” – may well offer up an existential crisis as well by asking one simple question: who are you?

Who Am I?, a free iPhone app developed by London-based software engineer Tai Omisore, was a project which began in 2018.

“Although Who Am I is simple at its core, the answers I have already received have been emotional, intelligent, reflective and everything in between.

“A simple idea can lead an array of complex and intriguing responses. I hope this project inspires people around the world to stop and think about their identity, and how the different elements of our life impact who we are,” Tai told Indy100.

App users are invited to answer the question of “who am I” and attach a photo of themselves, while a gallery with “no likes or comments” shows previous answers.

Responses shared on the app’s Instagram page include “a lost soul”, “a stubborn goddess who wants to change the world”, and “a scared man child”.

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Well, that makes two of us.

As well as hundreds of portraits now appearing in its in-app gallery – where there are “no likes or comments” - Who Am I had its own in-person exhibition in London back in June 2019.

In terms of future plans for the project, Tai said he hopes to ask “everyone in the world this one question”.

That would be around 7.7 billion last time we checked, but who are we to knock a man’s ambition?

More information about the project can be found on its official Instagram, and on the App Store.

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