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Someone in Whitehall just tried to edit Milo Yiannopoulos' Wikipedia page

Someone in Whitehall just tried to edit Milo Yiannopoulos' Wikipedia page

There's rarely a quiet moment in the life of Milo Yiannopoulos, the right-wing provocateur recently banned by Twitter after racist abuse was directed at Ghostbusters actor Leslie Jones.

The Breitbart journalist has been in the news again this week over a charity that he's involved with.

Meanwhile, over at the British government, it seems like someone has been busy editing Yiannopoulos' Wikipedia page. That's according to the Whitehall Edits bot, set up by Channel 4:

The edit appeared to take a dig at Yiannopoulos, referencing his vainglory and comments about Twitter making him "more famous" after it banned him.

In the section on "Twitter controversies", an update made at 1.02pm read:

Following his permanent ban from Twitter, Yiannopoulos returned to Breitbart News to continue working on his astonishingly unpopular column "Who's Editing My Wikipedia Page".

He remains hopeful that the screenplay he penned based on the column will be turned into a film, to date he has received no responses from the production companies he has approached as they seem unwilling to work with somebody so unknown that they do not have their own Twitter account.

Sadly, the edit was rejected:

After a number of Wikipedia pages belonging to obscure Scottish footballers were found to have been edited by civil servants back in 2014, a government spokesperson said:

Government takes these matters very seriously. We have recently reminded civil servants of their responsibilities under the Civil Service Code and any breaches of the code will be dealt with.

We will shortly be issuing fuller guidance on using the internet and social media to all departments.

Maybe it's time for another chat.

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