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Overnight travel pod drives passengers while they sleep

Overnight travel pod drives passengers while they sleep

Designer Peter Stulz of illustration studio Xoio has unveiled an innovative concept called the Swift Pod, a self-driving vehicle that allows passengers to rest up during their travels.

The Swift Pod is named after a well-known bird and its ability to fly while asleep.

It offers space for two passengers in a hotel-like pod. It allows them to sit upright or take a nap on a comfortable bed during long journeys.

The concept also has a comprehensive media system, a foldout table and wifi so passengers can work or browse online.

One special feature allows customers to book stop-overs for breaks via a system that provides a range of "constantly updated, attractive locations to choose from."


The studio proposed that the overnight travel pod would be available to be booked via an app during the day or as a moving hotel room at night. Customers opting for the night option will enter their location, allowing the Swift Pod to automatically calculate the most optimal route.

"We have always been fascinated by night trains and the nostalgic magic of the idea of waking up on your destination after a (fairly) refreshing sleep," the Xoio website says about the concept. "Last but not least overnight travel offers the ability to avoid taking a plane. Therefore it was with disappointment that the German railway company discontinued servicing night trains.

"With the emergence of autonomous driving, we picked up the idea and brought it into the field of individual and autonomous transport.


"On a final note, our design team is fully aware that the chosen design is surely very minimalistic for many travellers," the website continues. "Yet we chose to stick with the iconic triangular shape to emphasize how little would be necessary to accomplish a sustainable means of transportation for long distances."

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