"Actually I think my broadband internet is pretty fast and reasonably priced," said no one ever.

New research from USwitch has found just how much the actual rather than available top broadband speeds can differ from city to city and region to region - the results aren't pretty if you don't live in southern England.

While Middlesbrough (34.46Mbps), Belfast (34.34Mbps) and Brighton (33.8Mbps) enjoy the fastest internets in the country, things are not very rosy in Yorkshire, which can claim four of the slowest cities as its own.

Even though 90 per cent of the UK now theoretically has access to 'superfast' broadband, 20 of the towns and cities in the league table have average speeds slower than the 24Mbps superfast threshold.

Hull limps in last at 12.24Mbps a second, then Aberdeen (15.67) and Milton Keynes (17.10).

Residents of capital cities Edinburgh and London have cause to grumble, too: they both came in lower than the average broadband speed, at 21.07Mbs and 22.44Mbps per second respectively.

What a time to try and get online to look at what a time to be alive gifs.

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