The 14 most outlandish predictions of futurologist Richard Watson

Richard Watson predicted the financial crash of 2008 a year before it happened, now the futurologist has released a road map of the future.

Using the parameters of 'present', 'probable' and 'possible', Watson has teamed up with a number of academics from Imperial College London to predict what inventions could come into being in the from 2015 to "beyond 2030".

Here are some of the more outlandish predictions:

1. Travel by vacuum tube

2. Neural prostheses to enhance or erase memory

3. Human clones

4. Childbirth performed by robots

5. Robots to outnumber humans

6. Drone pizza delivery

7. Cities to ban human drivers

8. Insect-burger food vans

9. Hangover-free alcohol substitute

10. Scrunchable screens and devices

11. Insect-sized surveillance robots

12. Radio-connected fingernails

13. Lifelong avatar assistants

14. QR scannable grave stones

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