The 20 best cities in the world for female entrepreneurs

The rise of crowdfunding has seen a "democratisation" in the business world, allowing more and more women to successfully start their own companies.

This should perhaps come as no surprise in what used to be a male-dominated sector, as Caroline Mulligan, product director at Hubbub - a crowdfunding platform, explained on her blog last year.

Where men have traditionally held the majority of executive positions and venture capital (both in terms of those who are venture capitalists and those who are recipients of venture capital), we’re now seeing ladies take the lead in successful crowdfunding companies and campaigns.

The recent Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking report found that "the trend for female entrepreneurs is significantly up", with the number of new businesses started by women rising by 80 per cent in the past three years.

Based on the report, Expert Market have drawn on the data to show the 20 cities in the world with the most female-launched start-ups:

1. Chicago 30%

2. Boston 29%

3. San Francisco 24%

4. Los Angeles 22%

5. Montreal 22%

6. Paris 21%

7. Tel Aviv 20%

8. Toronto 19%

9. Singapore 19%

10. Kuala Lumpur 19%

11. London 18%

12. Moscow 17%

13. New York 16%

14. Vancouver 16%

15. Austin 15%

16. Sydney 14%

17. Amsterdam 13%

18. Sao Paulo 13%

19. Bangalore 11%

20. Berlin 9%

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