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The Pope thinks we should all stop chasing Facebook likes

The Pope's American visit is drawing to an end with a Mass in Philadelphia attended by more than 1.5million people.

But as he prepares to leave the US after a whirlwind six-day tour, he had some words of advice for the social media generation.

Pope Francis, who has more than 7.4million followers on his English language Twitter account (and a bit fewer on his Latin one), said:

I would dare say that at the root of so many contemporary situations is a kind of radical loneliness that so many people live in today.

Running after the latest fad, a like, accumulating followers on any of the social networks.

Addressing an audience of American bishops at the St Charles Borromeo Seminary, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, he added:

Today consumerism determines what is important, consuming relationships, consuming friendships, consuming religions. Social bonds are a mere means for satisfaction of my needs.

Whatever you do, don't tell the Pope about this:

You can watch a clip from the address below:

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