This dad's tweets about life with his four daughters are eye-wateringly hilarious

Meet James Breakwell.

He may be the creator of three webcomics, but his Twitter stardom is definitely down to the antics of his four adorable daughters:

His kids are at times hilarious...



...and wise beyond their years.

They talk about the future...


existential dilemmas

and lots of Star Wars.

indy100 asked what James' girls think of being internet famous. They like the Twitter account mainly because "it's all about them."

My kids know what I do on Twitter, even if they don't entirely understand why. I already have to watch when I swear in a tweet because my 5-year-old is getting old enough to read. My tweets are a mix. Some are real, some are exaggerated, and some are made up. Most are at least inspired by my kids.

Over time, I forget which are real and which aren't. If my kids read all these tweets years from now, it's going to give them a very warped view of what their childhoods were actually like.

James' following loves hearing about his parenting mishaps, too.

There appears to be a common bond between parents of young children everywhere:

Dealing with a horrific diaper blowout isn’t so bad if I can turn it into a tweet that makes strangers on the Internet validate my existence.

You can check out more of James' work at his website, webcomic WombatDojo, and the inappropriate dialogue he adds to his kids' drawings here.

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