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This is a map of everything on the internet

This is a map of everything on the internet

This is a map of every device connected to the internet in one evening earlier this month. It was created by self-described internet cartographer John Matherly, the founder of tech company Shodan.

To create the map he 'pinged' all the IP addresses of devices online on 2 August at midnight CEST (Central European Summer Time) - 11pm in Britain - a process which took about five hours. Matherly made the map visualisation of all the devices that pinged back in 12 hours using matplotlib.

The colours are graded based on how many internet-connected devices there are within an area. Red means many devices, white and blue means there are only a few.

Now people are starting to track down some of the lone dots. After the visualisation was posted on Reddit, user 2pete said he had tracked down one of the dots in Greenland, the NOAA Station in Summit.

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