This is how gamers responded to accusations of misogyny

This week some gamers occupied themselves by rallying around the hashtag #GamerGate and creating a list of websites they wished to block themselves from visiting.

It's apparently a tough time to be a certain type of gamer, with blogger Anita Sarkeesian being forced from her house due to graphic death threats after pointing out the video games where brutalised women are literally used as objects.

This followed controversy among gamers over indie developer Zoe Quinn, who was accused, entirely falsely, of having affairs with video game journalists in order to get favourable coverage for her games. When she spoke out about the abuse she was receiving online her social accounts were hacked, while the same treatment was afforded another developer, Phil Fish, when he defended Quinn.

The response (by some) gamers to this?

Because, obviously, they are the true victims in this scenario.

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