Two Thomas the Tank Engine accounts had one of the strangest Twitter arguments we've ever seen

A ceasefire has been announced in Syria, Apple and the FBI are sparring over privacy and the UK is gearing up for the EU referendum.

But if you thought these were today's important stories, you obviously missed the animosity between two Thomas the Tank Engine reaction accounts on Twitter.

It appears that @Thomas Reacts, who tweets reaction shots of Thomas the Tank Engine characters just because, got narked at the basically identical @ThomasReacts , which it said was stealing jokes.

The dreaded 'P' word was bandied about.

And Thomas_Reacts asked the internet to pile in.

ThomasReacts_ threw some shade back:

Although now he's deleted his side of the argument.

The internet looked on in wide-eyed, open-mouthed wonder.

Eventually Buzzfeed's Alan White stepped in to mediate...

...So it looks like the spat might be done for now. But check out Thomas_Reacts' bio:

It claims to be the ~ORIGINAL~ TTTE reactions account. And you know what they say.

It ain't over til it's over.

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