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This is what the inside of an iPhone 6 looks like

The iPhone 6's battery pull-tab
The iPhone 6's battery pull-tab

Following the release of the iPhone 6, some people have taken it upon themselves to tear it all apart and see what it looks like inside.

But, as The Verge points out, the dismantling of this shiny new piece of technology is not out of malice, but rather to see how easy the devices will be to fix and how good a job the designers at Apple have done in making it.

Removing the reverse-facing camera with a pair of tweezers (Picture: iFixit)

Technology experts at iFixit have a long-standing reputation in iPhone 'teardowns', and will be providing a live video feed of their analysis here at 6pm (BST).

The logic board of the iPhone 6 (Picture: iFixit)

In the meantime, they have provided this full series of high-res photographs from their friends at iExpert in Australia and their own version here.

You can also see a video 'teardown' of the iPhone 6 by the team at below:

iFixit's teardowns provide a direct look inside the device and they do not recommend using them as disassembly instructions.

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