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The UK treasury joined Discord and it was an immediate disaster

The UK treasury joined Discord and it was an immediate disaster
What Is Discord?

It is flabbergasting that they didn't see it coming, but them's the breaks.

The UK treasury joined gamer chat-app Discord and was immediately hit with abuse.

Despite the government blocking all comments on the service, trolls found a way to join the forum with silly names, which made the Treasury’s server post automated messages such as, “Welcome, LOCK UP PRINCE ANDREW. We hope you brought pizza”, and “Welcome Jeremy Corbyn. Say hi!”, the Guardian reports.

Indy100 tried it out, joining the platform with the username "the ghost of the mini-budget". We were welcomed with open arms

People are also using letter emojis in the following order: "C" "U" "N" "T" to react to updates posted by the government and we'll leave you to work out why.

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It comes as users pivot away from Twitter in search of social media pastures new, thanks to Elon Musk's controversial takeover of the platform. Aside from Discord, it looks like a lot of people are signing up to Mastodon.

As for government departments, we'd recommend they hire some young millennials or even Gen Z comms staff before they experiment with social media again.

Because like we say, it is flabbergasting that they didn't see this coming.

It is a simple and fundamental principle that the government derives its democratic legitimacy from the people. The future of the country must not be decided by plotting and U-turns at Westminster; it must be decided by the people in a general election. And for this reason The Independent is calling for an election to be held. Have your say and sign our election petition by clicking here.

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