After introducing a new design just one week ago, Twitter is already having to make changes due to complaints of headaches and discomfort from users.

The brand-new update included the introduction of high-contrast colours to buttons and a custom-designed font, appropriately called Chirp.

On August 11, the update was introduced and the official Twitter account warned users that it “might feel weird at first” but would make the platform “more accessible, unique” and also clean up a lot of the “visual clutter.”

However, the feedback wasn’t exactly glowing from people who had difficulties reading on the app and complained that they were experiencing headaches and discomfort as a direct result of the new update.

This appeared to particularly be the case for those with visual and/or processing impairments.

Though there were a few people that disagreed and felt that the new update made it easier to read the font.

In response, Twitter has taken the criticism on board and is making contrast changes on all buttons to make them “easier on the eyes” and added that they are “listening and iterating.”

The next day, they also gave an update on the Chirp font for Windows users after identifying issues.

They added: “ Thanks for your patience and please let us know if you have additional feedback.”

However, people are still not satisfied with the new font and want to see it removed completely.

It’s not the first time Twitter has received a negative reaction for an update on the app. Earlier this month, the social media company axed its Fleets feature from the app, just eight months after first launching it.

When it comes to redesigning the app, Twitter users are typically sceptical and hostile as shown in 2014, and again in 2017, when there were new updates.

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