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Streamer Valkyrae apologises after deepfakes appears of her fans who supported her

Streamer Valkyrae apologises after deepfakes appears of her fans who supported her
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A Twitch streamer has apologised to fans who had deep fake videos made about them because of their support for her.

Valkyrae, whose real name is Rachell Hofstetter, is one of the biggest female content creators and she made an apology on Twitter after the discovery.

It comes after Atrioc, another male Twitch streamer, issued an apology for accessing a NSFW website that contained deepfake imagery of female streamers including Pokimane, Maya Higa, Sweet Anita, QTCinderella and Valkyrae.

Now, some fans who have supported Valkyrae through the incident have now also become victims themselves having had deepfake videos made of them.

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Valkyrae tweeted: “I’m so sorry to my community members that have had deep fakes made of them just for supporting me. You shouldn’t have had to experience that in any way.

“Please protect each other, especially the minors! Report those accounts and just know it says more about them, not you. Stay safe.”

Fans reacted to the tweet, sharing their disgust that people are making such content.

One person wrote: “This is incredibly f**ked up. How do you find yourself doing this and not stop to think if what you're doing is unequivocally evil??”

Another said: “This is actually getting ridiculously out of control and it's super disgusting wtf.”

Someone else argued: “We need to bring back guillotines for anyone doing this creepy s**t.”

“Wtf that’s just wrong in so many ways, it was already too far to attack the creators, but simply being a fan now??” someone else said.

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