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The weirdest things that have washed up on beaches

The weirdest things that have washed up on beaches
Artworks created from washed up plastic

For all the scientific advancements humans have made, the ocean remains one of the most mysterious.

Plenty of strange things emerge from the ocean and wash on the shores of beaches, from bizarre sea creatures to a message in a bottle to a giant Lego man.

While we have the tides and current pattern to thank for bringing interesting treasures to shore, we have the people who drop them in the water to blame.

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Here are some of the weirdest things to wash up on beaches.

87 WWII bombs

Residents of Calshot, Hampshire awoke to a scare in 2011 after 87 World War II bombs washed ashore.

According to the BBC, "a combination of extremely low tides and high atmospheric pressure" caused the mortars to become exposed.

The Royal Navy spent days carrying out controlled explosions to get rid of the devices.

A shipping container worth of floating bath toys

In 1992, a container ship containing 28,800 Friendly Floatees, including yellow rubber ducks, was hit by a massive wave unleashing the bath toys into the ocean.

The first batch of floatees was discovered ten months after the incident off the coast of Alaska. Since then, the rubber bath toys have been found all around the world including Hong Kong, New England, and the UK.


Human feet in sneakers

Since 2007, nearly two dozen human feet in sneakers have washed ashore on the coasts of the Salish Sea in the US and Canada.

Rumors sparked online that a serial killer was on the loose. But doctors struck-down those suspicions by revealing the much darker truth behind the severed feet.

Scientists and doctors said the feet were likely that of people who were involved in accidents or died from suicide.


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A Submarine

In 1919, a German submarine washed ashore in Hastings, much to the surprise of residents.

The boat, SM U-118, was lost in April 1919 after its dragging hawser broke off while it was being towed.

Getty Images


Naples, Italy was bombarded with a dozen dildos on their beaches in 2017.

Volunteers who help clean up the beaches were surprised, but amused, to find the numerous plastic sex toys washing ashore.

Seemingly, the city never found the culprit, but it seems the number of pleasure devices diminished.

A tree

A massive piece of drift log - tree roots and all, ended up on the beach of La Push, Washington in 2010.


In 2007, thousands of bananas being transported on a cargo ship washed up on the shore of two Dutch North Sea islands after falling overboard.

Lucky for the locals, the tropical fruit wasn't ripe yet.

Marleen Swart/AP

Giant Lego Figure

Back in 2007, an 8-foot-tall lego figurine suddenly appeared on the shores of Zandvoort, Netherlands.

Some wondered if the massive figurine, which wore a shirt that said, "No Real Than You Are" somehow washed ashore.

Turns out, it was an art piece and multiple other renditions popped up on beaches around the world. Although, the identity of the artist was never confirmed.

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