Why Tinder has sparked Buckingham Palace security fears

Buckingham Palace staff using dating apps such as Grindr and Tinder have sparked security fears. That’s according to a report in the Daily Mail, who note that while live-in servants cannot bring any guests into the Palace itself, they are allowed in their living quarters at St James’s Palace and the Royal Mews.

A former head of royal protection, Chief Superintendent Dai Davies, told the paper: “Historically this has always been a problem, even when I was in charge way before the introduction of these so-called dating apps.

“If members of staff lived in certain quarters such as the Royal Mews and Kensington Palace, which have both single sex and married quarters, they were, and I presume still are, permitted to bring back unvetted guests.

“Often these guests were total strangers. It makes a complete mockery of the security structure, unfortunately.”

The Met police refused to comment. Buckingham Palace said they did not comment on security matters.

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