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Women are using '#curvee' to hit back at Instagram's ban on the word 'curvy'

Instagram has banned the hashtag #curvy, and people have responded by claiming other similar-sounding hashtags in an act of defiance.

Many women have started using #curvee as a substitute, as well as numerous others, in order to circumvent Instagram's ban, which the company said was implemented because the hashtag was being used to share images and videos which violated the company’s community guidelines surrounding nudity.

The action has provoked anger, however, as other more explicit hashtags like #fetishes and #hookers are currently still searchable.

And it isn't the first time Instagram has come under fire for body policing, of women in particular - female nipples, obese women and period blood have all been deleted from the app in the past because they violate company policy.

To get around it, women have been posting photos celebrating their body shapes tagged with the replacement hashtags #curvee and #bringcurvyback:

Right on.

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