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These are the 20 worst passwords for online security

These are the 20 worst passwords for online security
Apple, Google, Microsoft want to ditch passwords to improve security

Want to keep your online banking and social media safe?

Then it is important that you choose strong passwords to stop hackers from getting access.

In 2022 it seems like an obvious point but are people taking their online safety seriously?

Maybe not. Data from password manager NordPass has shown people still use some pretty awful passwords, and these are most used passwords in the UK, making them easy to guess.

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1. password

2. 123456

3. guest

4. liverpool

5. qwerty

6. arsenal

7. 123456789

8. password1

9. 12345

10. 12345678

11. chelsea

12. charlie

13. abc123

14. liverpool1

15. Parola12

16. football

17. monkey

18. chocolate

19. yuantuo2012

20. letmein

Data also found that using your name to secure your accounts remains a common practice of internet users. In the UK, Charlie, Thomas, Jasper, George, and Jessica were top names used as passwords in 2022. People also like sports-based passwords like "liverpool" and "chelsea".

So if you want to keep your passwords safe, make long and unique passwords with a mix of letters, numbers and symbols, and keep a note of all of them.

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