Actors are sharing the life-changing roles they missed out on and the stories are heartbreaking
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Actors are sharing the roles they almost got but didn’t and are reflecting on how it could have changed their lives.

Charlie Condou, an actor famous for his role as Marcus Dent in Coronation Street, told his followers how he was almost cast as Martin Freeman’s role in The Office.

In response, hundreds of actors shared their missed opportunities on the big screen, stage and TV.

Some of them are seriously heartbreaking.

One actor was almost in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Someone was almost Tracy Beaker and the actual Tracy Beaker even replied to her.

Then there's the kid who was almost Billy Elliott.

One person shared the heartbreaking tale of not being cast as a child William Wallace in Braveheart because of a case of the runs.

Jenny Eclair missed out on hosting a chat show to Graham Norton.

This actor almost played Lindsay Lohan's love interest.

Someone even went for Hitler in The Crown.

Speaking to indy100, the original poster – actor Charlie Condou – explained why he started the thread.

He said:

I’m always fascinated to see who could’ve played famous characters. You can watch screen tests of well-known actors auditioning for big roles. Plus it’s good to see that great actors get turned down too. It ain’t just me!

Condou continued:

It’s always devastating missing out on a big part. I’ve been in this business for nearly four decades and it never gets any easier. You just have to keep going.

Condou might not have got the role in The Office but at least we got this glorious thread.

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