5 of Adele's most iconic moments from her Saturday Night Live debut

5 of Adele's most iconic moments from her Saturday Night Live debut

Adele just made her Saturday Night Live debut and people were loving it.

From her hilarious opening monologue – where some of the first words to come out of her mouth were her own song lyrics, “hello, it’s me” – to all of the many times she couldn’t help but break character and erupt into laughter, the British singer was hilarious.

She hosted the show using her trademark charm and fans were captivated, causing the singer’s name to trend on Twitter.

Missed out on the entire show?

Don’t worry, here are the best five moments.

1. When she randomly broke out into her songs

Adele has an incredible voice and she wasn’t afraid of showing it off during a hilarious skit about her being a Bachelor contestant.

The singer performed in the comedy sketch as herself, but would randomly erupt into her classics – much to the displeasure of the other contestants and even the Bachelor himself – but not to the live studio audience.

In random moments, she broke out into her own songs like “Hello”, “Someone Like You” and “When We Were Young”.

In one moment, she got angered by a fellow contestant interrupting her and she broke the champagne glass she was holding to start singing “Rolling in the Deep”.


2. When she made a joke about her weight loss

During Adele’s opening monologue, she casually addressed her recent weight loss by making a joke of it.

The “Hello” singer said:

I know I look really, really different since you last saw me. But actually because of all the Covid restrictions and the travel bans, I had to travel light and only bring half of me. 

And this is the half that I chose.

The audience erupted into laughter and applause, but so did people on social media:

3. When she haunted Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson reprised his role as super relaxed, spaced out “Chad” for a new skit that saw him walk into a haunted house.

He met a ghost (played by Adele) who said she’d been murdered by her husband and had the evidence to prove it.

Unfortunately it doesn’t all go according to plan, but Adele played the part… hauntingly well.

4. When she got a psychic reading warning about the dangers of 2020

During a skit featuring Kate McKinnon as the hilariously weird “Madame Vivelda”, Adele and three friends got their palm read as if it was 2019.

The psychic predicted all of the bizarre things that 2020 had in store for the friends.

But when it came to Adele, she was told she’d be on the phone to FedEx in 2020 crying over her adult colouring book not being delivered.

Then came a moment where McKinnon stared into Adele’s eyes as she touched her face lovingly and said:

Monday, colouring. Tuesday, colouring. Every day, colouring.

5. When she visited her grandma

Adele appeared in a skit where Maya Rudolph played a grandma being visited by four of her grand kids.

In it, Adele and her boyfriend (played by Pete Davidson) got into a mini argument about their finances and working situations.

Adele told her grandma:

I do have a job but he doesn’t and that bothers both of us so much.

The skit saw Adele wearing a brunette wig and glasses, with Rudolph delivering a great performance of a grandma in the age of Covid-19.

Too funny.

It wasn’t all praise though.

One skit – about three divorced white women promoting tours of Africa – drew negative attention.

In it, the women referenced “tribesmen” and “bamboo” as selling factors, while white women in the background were escorted around by Black men.

It caused some viewers of the episode to label the skit as “inappropriate”.

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