Mother of God - will we ever found out who the elusive H is?

Not if Alexa has anything to do with it.

One person shared a hilarious video of her asking her Amazon Alexa the question we all want the answer to: “Who is H?”

It turns out that Alexa is no rat as she cheekily replies using one of Superintendent Ted Hasting’s iconic lines, “Mother of God”.

“Mother of God, I can’t tell you that. Those bent coppers will have me bumped off.”

Twitter users were eager to try it out for themselves and couldn’t believe that virtual AI assistant was able to respond to Michelle’s question:

The Line of Duty official Twitter account appreciated the video and replied: ‘Love this! Retweeted’ with a laughing emoji.

One user even discovered another Line of Duty Easter egg that Alexa responds to.

Louise Goulding shared a video of her asking her Alexa: “Who is Jo Davidson related to?”, after the episode four on Sunday left us all on a cliff hanger wondering the answer to this question.

Alexa responded: “I can’t tell you who it is. But for the purposes of the tape, I can tell you that the cause of death was ... being a rat.”

Another user also made a different Line of Duty query, @SnackByteso1 asked if fan favourite, Ted Hastings was H.

“I can’t say who the final person is but I knew Ted Hasting couldn’t be bent”, Alexa replied.

We hope that Alexa is telling the truth! Guess we will have to tune in this Sunday to find out...

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